"Monopoli, large white square, where all the houses are whitewashed, like all the rest of the city. We go into a church where the carpenters are working at the altar. Monopoli is on the sea. Two or three boats. To the right of the creek where you can find them, remains of fortifications. Clearing cliff overlooking the sea. An old blind beggar, ragged, who served Napoleon and repeated military actions of the past. Beautiful road, the seats of the huge gilded carriages. Neat and prosperous feature of all populations. Out of town priests in tricorn strolling with young people in secular dress. "(Gustave Flaubert, Across the fields and along the shores).

Monopoli (MenÚpele in local dialect) is an Italian town of 49,558 inhabitants in the province of Bari, in Puglia. It is located 43 km south-east of the county seat.
Between the coastal towns of Puglia, Monopoli is one of the busiest ports and populous region of the Adriatic. Its quaint old town of medieval origin, superimposed on the remains of a rich Messapic fortified town in the fifth century BC, overlooking the sea, surrounded by high walls. Monopoli is also called the city of a hundred districts. The countryside is in fact divided into various places named districts, whose names evoke old houses disappeared, the presence of a farm, a church or other historical and geographical references.
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